Mahila Din Mate Useful best PDF FILE 

Mahila Din Mate Useful best PDF FILE 


You are a woman
       * (Women's Day special) *

Nari tu Narayani is the talk in your world, Nyarya
You look like Lakshmi's Avatar, Ben
Become a mother, for a daughter
             A sea of ​​affection flashed
For a sister to become a brother
          Rakshakari brings a love of love
The world is good in all the three folk you worship
Nari tu narayani Your world is a talk
Become a daughter to a parent
            Pa pa shocking
Become a wife for her husband
             Happiness accompanies sorrow
Kanak says Gita and Sita's other name is Nari
Nari tu narayani Your world is a talk
What to do with my Indian illiterate friend?
Sometimes Lakshmi sometimes becomes a dark night?
Shakuntala became the golden history of India
Lakshmibai pass to the British not to come
From being a Yashoda, Kanya is the hero who created the girl from childhood
Becoming a kunta is a dry body for the happiness of children
Growing up as a goddess by becoming a skill
Jijabai became the son to share in the cradle
Becoming Sita became a husband's happiness
Love became a lifetime of Meera
Radha became the Dwarkadhish with everlasting support
Ahalya became her husband's hand released from Yama
Anjali becomes Hanuman's best power
Lifetime humiliation of people by being sluggish
Gift of truth to the world by becoming a witch
Patty sacrificed for the promise by becoming Changmati

Shabari became a lifetime watch of Lord Rama
Rajpat left for her husband's tap to become proud
Anasuya became the husband of Lai from Yama
Kanak had come to tell me the glory of my Indian woman
International Women's Day Wishes very much ......
Designed to celebrate Women's Day ....
You're so cute
That is why you are all over.
Aromatic garden of honey,
You are dear to my daughter
Suffering rocks when the hills;
You are supportive of your husband.
Lakshmi you are in our house,
You are our homemaker.
When sin rises,
Become a Ranchandi.
In a single breath of my breath,
You are my beloved mother.

Sacrifice to all the sisters of the world today.

 You are the queen of Rudia,
 You are a woman

 Sounds like a mother,
 Sita seems to be a wife,
 If a sister becomes Draupadi,
 All you are maternal,
 You are a woman

 As a child you fight,
 Do you become a wife, dear
 Reese may look funny,
 Khizaye bhavani bhavani,
 You are a woman

 The house looks like you are bright,
 Without you there is darkness everywhere,
 Lighting in the house,
 You are the queen of the house,
 You are a woman

 The male without you is incomplete,
 Without your worldly good,
 Comfort from home to you,
 Green through you,
 You are a woman

 Is now the 'Jash' star,
 Modern look is also good,
 You are the majesty of beauty,
 In a good world,
 You are a woman

 You are the queen of Rudia,
 You are a woman

Mahila Din Mate Useful best PDF FILE 
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